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Making IT So - Malvern innovations launch next generation of Cyber Security

April 2018 by Marc Jacob

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and detection based tools are inadequate against the levels of attacks currently faced by businesses and public sector organisations. Malicious content hidden within innocuous emails is particularly virulent. Deep Secure, the Malvern based firm founded by cyber-security pioneers continues on its British based innovation journey with the launch of its latest product, Content Threat Removal for Mail, which ensures businesses and public sector organisations have threat free emails. The firm is a UK innovation technology success and has pioneered a new approach to cyber-security which moves away from a detection based approach to considering everything a threat. This launch is a market first.

Cybersecurity is a growing challenge, the technology sector and governments are waking up to the need to prioritise it. Deep Secure’s innovation is timely, arriving when cybersecurity is firmly on the C-suite agenda. This week the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) - the cyber arm of GCHQ along with the the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have jointly announced that Russian hackers are carrying out malicious attacks. Targets include government, businesses and critical infrastructure as well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Yesterday, the world’s top technology firms including Microsoft and Oracle pledged to work together to combat cyber security threats. This comes after a string of UK government cybersecurity investment announcements including a dedicated East London cyber-start-up hub and a fund to combat cyber-crime across the Commonwealth. Challenges facing the government, public sector organisations and businesses include steganography, the covert hiding of data within seemingly innocuous files.

Deep Secure has invented the world’s first stegware solution, which is the only reliable way to eliminate threats concealed via steganography. Until now, steganography has been undetectable by conventional security solutions and hackers have been exploiting this to covertly slip malicious payloads past all conventional cyber-security means, including firewalls and gateways. Deep Secure was set up eight years ago by former specialists from Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) which later become QinetiQ. Two years ago the firm was joined by CEO Dan Turner, who set up HP’s Enterprise Security division. Since Dan joined the firm, it has pivoted away from solely providing defence and government cybersecurity tools to focus on the enterprise and business market.

More product information is below:
Content Threat Removal for Mail gives users a totally safe email environment, free from the worry of malware-infected documents and attachments:
o office documents and PDFs are threat free
o stegware is destroyed – concealed in images using steganography, Content Threat Removal stopping high-value data being leaked to cyber criminals and disrupting secret command and control channels that would otherwise prosper undetected
o users receive fully functional documents, not facsimiles – so it’s business as usual
o available with a choice of on-premise, in-cloud and virtualized deployments
o enhances compliance - Content Threat Removal stops covert data leakage inside images (stegware), complementing existing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and enhancing levels of compliance with PSD2, MIFID2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and GxP

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