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White Paper CommScope: Designing Infrastructure for the Cloud

In cloud-based data centres, physical layer performance is paramount. Without a physical infrastructure that delivers all (...)


Outdated energy, water and transport Industrial Control Systems without sufficient cyber security controls require coordinated testing of capability at EU levels, says the EU’s cyber security Agency ENISA

Today, the EU’s cyber security Agency ENISA published a new report to give advice regarding the next steps towards coordinated (...)


From transparency to trust in the Cloud: EU Cyber security Agency ENISA advises how to implement incident reporting in cloud computing

ENISA underlines the importance of incident reporting in cloud computing, particularly in critical sectors, as a way to (...)



Malware Update Thursday 29 January
The Ghost vulnerability: how does it work and what are the solutions?

After the discovery of the Ghost flaw putting in danger Linux servers, we wish to explain it with more in depth and to make it comprehensible for (...)


Opinion Friday 23 January
The fight against luxury counterfeits – maintaining the upper hand

Brand owners must ensure they take the correct actions to fight online fakes, explains Gary McIlraith, Chief Executive at (...)


ENISA Monday 19 January
New Guide by ENISA: Actionable Information for Security Incident Response

ENISA publishes a good practice guide on Actionable Information for Security Incident Response, aiming to provide a picture of the challenges (...)


ENISA Thursday 15 January
ENISA - Securing the EU’s Finance Sector: Prospects and Priorities from the NIS perspective

ENISA has published its latest research on Network and Information Security (NIS) for the EU’s Finance Sector, with information on the regulatory (...)


ENISA Thursday 15 January
ENISA maps the Threat Landscape for Internet Infrastructure in 2014 and provides a Good Practice Guide for enhanced security

ENISA’s Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide for Internet Infrastructure published today, maps the assets composing an Internet infrastructure (...)


Opinion Wednesday 7 January
Jeronimo Munoz, SAN Sentinel: Top 5 key points to avoid storage failure and critical applications downtime

Over the last 12 months, 64 % of companies have experienced a production downtime of an average 25 hours. Consequences on businesses were often (...)


White Papers

Monday 2 January
Aberdeen Group - Sector Insight : Stronger authentication for small and mid-sized businesses

Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) athenticate their end-users primarily with passwords, in spite of the fact that passwords are less secure, inconvenient, and in fact more expensive than stronger forms of authentication. Compared to larger (...)


Tuesday 25 October
ISACA Guide Outlines Web Application Security Vulnerabilities and Strategies

The use of web applications has soared recently, due to the significant value they can add to enterprises by providing innovative ways to interact with customers. However, so have the dangers. Along with the benefits of these capabilities come (...)


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