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Hybrid Cloud with 100% Data Sovereignty = cloudplan Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS)

January 2018 by Marc Jacob

cloudplan, the simple and secure Private Cloud with its next-gen distributed architecture and built-in distributed operational intelligence supports any network layout that fits your company’s needs.

Hybrid Clouds combine local servers at the customer site with virtual servers offered by an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider such as AWS, Azure, Google or you can use the fully managed cloudplan cloud option.

With a Hybrid Cloud companies place datastores where they make the most sense - close to the user. You can align your architecture to take advantage of performance requirements that only dedicated servers can offer while benefit from the cloud technology that offers agility, mobility, efficiency and elasticity.

Advantages and disadvantages of local and cloud servers

IaaS providers operate large data centers that are often redundant and even distributed over different sites. Cloud servers can be of any size and performance, but the location where they are operated is not, of course, the client’s place of business. The data must be transmitted over the Internet between enterprises and the cloud.

The local server in the enterprise premises is located in the fast and cheap local LAN and can be reached easily with 1 or 10 Gbit / s. The local employees in the company have very fast access. Other branches or home workers, on the other hand, would have to access the local server through the Internet as in the described cloud variant and therefore have a speed disadvantage.

cloudplan orchestrates all

The cloudplan PCaaS solution orchestrates all kind of infrastructure at one place while providing a complete private cloud environment with global file sharing and data distribution features. With cloudplan you can fulfil all storage requirements of your organisation keeping 100% Data Sovereignty.

Hybrid Clouds from cloudplan can be built as complex as required. They can span cities and countries, include redundant clusters, and even provide hierarchies of storage servers.

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