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Rosenberger OSI introduces VersaTray

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI) presents its latest product innovation: VersaTray, a highly modular and service-friendly 19" tray system designed for high-density data cabling in data centers. The groundbreaking design introduces unprecedented accessibility to the rack interior and the application of the pay-as-you-grow principle. Utilizing expandable support elements and 1/3 HU drawers, the overall height of the support system can be individually adapted according to customer requirements. With a granularity of 1/3 HU for the overall system, it maximizes the utilization of minimal rack space.

VersaTray will be showcased for the first time at the Rosenberger booth 4943 at the OFC in San Diego, taking place from March 26 to 28, 2024. Luis Brücher, Product Manager at Rosenberger OSI, explains the innovation of the system: "An outstanding feature compared to other tray systems is the innovative leaf spring guide, which allows the modules to be snapped into place from all directions."

Enhanced Operability and Handling
The drawers feature two pull-out positions to increase accessibility to the fiber optic modules they carry. The drawers can also be removed completely, facilitating a novel holder-less release mechanism for easy operation. The individual tray rails have a spring element that pushes the trays slightly forward when they are unlocked. This allows for better grip and positioning of the tray. The unique leaf spring system enables tool-free module installation, which can be carried out from the front, rear or top. There is no need for precise alignment of the modules in relation to their mounts, which makes handling much easier. The distribution heads of the I-F trunks can be integrated directly into the adapter modules, which corresponding holders, ensuring optimized handling. Patch cables are routed via height unit-neutral patch cable guides located at the front of each drawer.

Options for Electrical Signal Transmission
In addition to the variants listed for fiber optic connection technology, VersaTray also includes the option of electrical signal transmission. The specially developed 2/3 HU drawer accommodates RJ45 Keystone modules and Keystone modules for fiber optic signal transmission.

Maximum Flexibility and Modularity
VersaTray can be equipped with all standard couplers (LC, SC, MDC, SN, MTP, MDC, E-2000) and combined with RJ45 keystone modules. The plug-in units can be configured as 6x1/6 modules or 4x 1/4 modules. In addition, the system offers maximum modularity for setting up individual cabling structures, whether for direct cabling, module cassettes or splices. It is also suitable for trunks with different distributor head diameters and can be extended up to 4 HU.

In detail, VersaTray achieves the following port densities:

72 LC duplex or MTP OCTO ports per height unit (HU), 24 ports per 1/3 HU carrier system
144 SN ports per HU, 48 ports per 1/3 HU carrier system
216 MDC ports per HU, 72 ports per 1/3 HU rack system

Ideal Modular System for Retrofitting
The new VersaTray is an extremely flexible modular system that can be used from an available height of 1/3 HU. The pay-as-you-grow principle allows expansion with additional 1/3 HU, 2/3 HU and 1 HU patch level kits, in addition to the options for 1/4 and 1/6 coupling carriers in one tray. Moreover, simple adaptation and retrofitting of patch levels using the same 1 HU trunk carrier are possible. The system is also easily deployable for modernizing existing cabling in data centers as part of retrofit projects.

Versatile Range of Applications
The system is ideal for server and whitespace rooms with 19" rack systems in data centers, as well as for meet-me rooms, distribution in colocation data centers and telecommunications applications with splicing options for single and ribbon fibers. It demonstrates its strengths in server rooms with varying packing densities, whether flexible with low or high cabling density. VersaTray is also applicable in spine-leaf architectures as well as in Ethernet and fiber channel projects. The product is not available for sale, importation or use in the U.S.

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