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N-able Builds on the Ecoverse Vision by adding Rewst and HaloPSA Integrations

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

N-able, Inc. has shared its Ecoverse vision to harmonize and transform the management of modern IT, allowing MSPs to be more efficient, resilient, and drive more opportunities through an open, unified ecosystem. N-able has been embarking on this journey for some time, with recent examples including the expanded integration capabilities for endpoint detection and response (EDR) and Apple management capabilities across its RMM platforms, Microsoft 365 protection within Cove, and more. As a step towards further realizing its Ecoverse vision, N-able has announced integrations with Rewst and HaloPSA. With Rewst, the integration is helping MSPs automate complex workflows across multiple products and environments; and with HaloPSA, partners can streamline data and alert management.

With modern IT getting more complex, IT professionals need a collection of disparate tools to manage and secure businesses. This technology sprawl comes with complexity and inefficiency. N-able’s Ecoverse is an open ecosystem designed to harmonize the chaos of modern IT by seamlessly connecting disparate tools – for cloud and on premises resources. This allows them to work better together and support seamless workflow automation, with integrated intelligence and insights. Using this approach, the Ecoverse vision will deliver unified management, cyber security and data protection capabilities across physical devices, user identities, and cloud resources and data. N-able’s Ecoverse is built with the keen focus to make you more efficient and to keep you resilient in this ever-evolving threat landscape and ultimately unlock opportunities for you to optimize and grow your business.

Integrations with Rewst and HaloPSA enhance the Ecoverse vision, helping MSPs work seamlessly, reducing the chaos that comes with managing multiple environments.

Rewst integrations allow MSPs to:

Automate end-to-end workflows across multiple products, which can significantly streamline operations, increase consistency, and free up technicians for higher value work.
Shorten time to value with 100+ pre-built automations, including a new user onboarding workflow that ties together PSAs, domain management, licensing, and other tools to reduce manual efforts.
Connect applications together without having to write and maintain scripts or use APIs, expanding relevance in the larger MSP tool ecosystem.

"When it comes to their tools, MSPs value freedom of choice, but not at the expense of interoperability. That’s why Rewst has taken an open, vendor-agnostic approach from day one, and why we’re excited to be part of N-able’s Ecoverse," said Aharon Chernin, CEO of Rewst. "Using Rewst, MSPs can combine API actions from N-central and more than other 50 tools to automate full processes, allowing them to save time and scale more efficiently."

HaloPSA integrations are designed to:

Provide AI-assisted ticket resolution, leading to significant time savings.
Streamline the workflow between RMM and PSAs, increasing efficiency even when manual decision-making is involved.
Allow for better management and auditing of tickets within HaloPSA for alerts, which aids in resource management.

"This integration is set to be the most comprehensive integration of Halo with an RMM that is available," said Tim Barton-Wines, Executive at Halo Service Solutions. "It stands out on three key aspects: providing access to RMM fields previously out of reach for Halo, an event-trigger from N-central that updates Halo, and a real-time event integration and synchronization, moving beyond the traditional interval-based sync."

"We know that demands on MSPs are not getting easier, in fact, the IT landscape is getting more complex—from sophisticated networks, managing multiple environments, the ever-changing threat landscape, to growing labor shortages," said Mike Adler, Chief Technology and Product Officer at N-able. "By understanding the challenges MSPs face, we built our Ecoverse vision to simplify an MSP’s day—we want them to have better peace of mind that their customers are safe and happy, so when they ’leave the office’ for a family gathering or to watch their favorite sports team play— they can actually do it. It’s all about that life/work balance. We are excited to announce N-able’s integrations with Rewst and HaloPSA. This is just the beginning of our Ecoverse journey to build a leading MSP open ecosystem."

The integrations with HaloPSA and Rewst are currently available for N-central, with plans to include additional products in the future.

Forward-Looking Statements

This content may contain forward-looking statements regarding future product plans and development efforts. N-able considers various features and functionality prior to any final generally available release. Information regarding future features and functionality is not and should not be interpreted as a commitment from N-able that it will deliver any specific feature or functionality in the future or, if it delivers such feature or functionality, any time frame when that feature or functionality will be delivered. All information is based upon current product interests, and product plans and priorities can change at any time. N-able undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements regarding future product plans and development efforts if product plans or priorities change.

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