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Quantum-safe encryption is available for Secret Server on the Delinea Platform

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Delinea announced industry innovation to protect organisations from threats in the post-quantum computing era with the availability of quantum-safe encryption of secrets and credentials on the Delinea Platform. Aligned to NIST standards, quantum-safe encryption on Secret Server empowers organisations to secure critical credentials from being compromised by quantum computers with one of the four NIST-recommended asymmetric algorithms, CRYSTALS-Kyber.

According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), "Quantum computing opens up exciting new possibilities; however, the consequences of this new technology include threats to the current cryptographic standards that ensure data confidentiality and integrity and support key elements of network security." The increased financial investment into quantum technology reached $2.35 billion in 2022, making the prospect of a usable quantum computer more of a potential reality than a futuristic vision. Organisations are encouraged to start preparing for the implementation of post-quantum cryptography and a quantum-readiness roadmap.

Quantum-safe encryption of secrets and credentials in the company’s SaaS vault is the latest forward-thinking innovation available on the Delinea Platform to disrupt the status quo. This innovation is an example of usable security integrated into existing Privileged Access Management workflows, effectively reducing the risks associated with quantum computing.

Mitigating the Risk of Encryption-Busting Attacks

Quantum computers are predicted to have the capability to break many of the encryption algorithms currently used by organisations to secure sensitive data and communications. Quantum-safe encryption combats this concern by ensuring the long-term security of sensitive data, government communications, financial transactions, healthcare records, and other critical information assets. Incorporating quantum-safe encryption into an organization’s privileged account security strategy ensures that data remains secure even when quantum computers are available.

Delinea’s quantum-safe encryption leverages one of the four NIST-recommended asymmetric algorithms, CRYSTALS-Kyber, and is designed to protect an organisation’s most sensitive secrets with the least amount of user impact. The new QuantumLock feature, an upgrade of the current DoubleLock capability, serves as an additional layer of security for secrets to protect access, including privileged access for PAM solution administrators. This encryption will ensure valuable data is protected today and tomorrow, aligning with recommendations by CISA and NIST.
Quantum-safe encryption is available for Secret Server now on the Delinea Platform.

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