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Micro-segmentation and data partitioning

March 2024 by Patrick Houyoux LL.M. ULB, Brussels, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK. President – Director PT SYDECO

If, for the purposes of your professional activity, you are required to collect the data of your customers, patients or those of third parties, be careful not to keep the data of the same person in a single file opened in their name but rather to divide them into several files according to data type, and store them on different servers, each in a different segment of your network.

So, even if despite all the security measures you have taken, an attacker manages to penetrate your network, he will never be able to collect all of a person’s data but only part of it and he will not be able to do anything with it.

The consequences of the theft of any personal data from third parties can be disastrous.
The immediate financial effect is the amount of the ransom you will be asked to recover them and even without knowing if their confidentiality is safeguarded.
In the medium and long term, the effect will be even greater. The tarnished image of your activity will lead to a loss of confidence on the part of your customers and their disaffection. This will also dissuade potential customers from doing business with you, which could ultimately lead to the cessation of your professional activity.

The segmentation of your network, its micro-segmentation and the compartmentalization of your customer data are the key to the success of your professional activity.

which defends your network against external and internal attacks, creates the segmentation and micro-segmentation you need and helps you partition your data securely.

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