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GMO GlobalSign, Inc. announced the availability of the latest iteration of its PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

GMO GlobalSign, Inc. announced the availability of the latest iteration of its PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow. The updates to the GMO GlobalSign PKIaaS Connector enables ServiceNow customers to better manage their digital certificates, with more timely actions on issuance and expiration, detailed reports, as well as real-time status of key metrics. Through ServiceNow’s connection to GMO GlobalSign’s certificate management platform, Atlas, enterprises can easily manage their digital certificate requests within their existing ServiceNow instance.

With the upgrades in GMO GlobalSign’s PKIaaS Connector, ServiceNow users have expanded certificate lifecycle management capabilities for manual and automated certificate renewal, retrieve and update certificates, filter by expiration, send certificates in email and support expiry notifications via email. In addition, the expanded capabilities in the new update enable improved version comparison with actions such as daily validation policy updates and multiple report types on dashboards, issued and revoked certificates, expiring certificates and service usage. These new capabilities of the PKIaaS Connector are ideal for ServiceNow customers who require a better way to manage certificate automation, especially with rapidly decreasing certificate lifecycles.

The benefits of GMO GlobalSign’s PKIaaS Connector include:
  Fully customizable, it gives IT teams the flexibility of fitting around existing organizational workflows and approval processes;
  Greatly expanded certificate lifecycle management capabilities, including automatic and manual renewal.
  Improved reporting for certificate expiry and renewal;
  Gain insights with a user-friendly/comprehensive dashboard which includes certificate reports and interactive filters for streamlined certificate management.
Effortlessly dispatch certificates through email, and conveniently access downloadable certificates and trust chains directly.
  Empowers IT teams to manage and authenticate a broad array of identities including servers and users;
  Single workflows which improve visibility across enterprise; and
  Reduces risks and costs associated with manual certificate management.

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