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Enkrypt AI Unveils LLM Safety Leaderboard

May 2024 by Marc Jacob

The rapid adoption of Generative AI, including in regulated settings, has continued to make the security and safety of Large Language Models (LLMs) a key concern amongst cybersecurity professionals. Policy-makers and security professionals around the world continue to seek new technology to help mitigate the risks of Generative AI technologies. For example; just days ago, the US Government’s Department of Homeland Security appointed a board to advise on the role of artificial intelligence on critical infrastructure.

Enkrypt AI will introduce its latest innovation, the LLM Safety Leaderboard. This product is part of Enkrypt AI’s comprehensive Sentry suite, designed to empower enterprises to deploy LLMs with heightened security and peace of mind.

The LLM Safety Leaderboard will provide essential insights into the vulnerabilities and hallucination risks of various LLMs, enabling technology teams to make informed decisions about which models best suit their specific needs. This tool aims to educate and raise awareness about the relative strengths and potential weaknesses of different LLMs, so AI engineers can make informed decisions about the unique strengths of each.

Highlights of the LLM Safety Leaderboard include: Comprehensive Vulnerability Insights which delivers detailed evaluations of potential security risks, including data leakage, privacy breaches, and susceptibility to cyber-attacks. Ethical and Compliance Risk Assessment which tests for biases, toxicity, and compliance with ethical standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring models align with enterprise and brand values.

The LLM Safety Leaderboard is a new component of Enkrypt’s Sentry suite, which includes Sentry Red Team, Sentry Guardrails, and Sentry Compliance. This suite offers a holistic approach to managing and securing LLMs, aligning with the strictest standards for privacy, security, and compliance within the enterprise environment.

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