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YooniK ranked as top 3 for facial authentication accuracy in Europe and Americas business regions

January 2021 by Marc Jacob

YooniK has announced today that the latest version of their facial authentication algorithm YooniK Face™ was independently ranked as top 3 for accuracy in the business regions of Europe and Americas combined, in several evaluation tracks of the latest NIST vendor test report, outperforming multi-billion dollar corporations investing millions in R&D. YooniK Face™ authentication algorithm has improved accuracy, by reducing error rates of the previous version by over 50% in less than five months, thus entering the very select class of algorithms with 99.999% accuracy for false rejection rates under 0.5%.

Sitting in a market of around USD 4 billion growing nearly 15% each year, YooniK top-tier algorithm is now available to any interested customers as a plug-and-play SDK/API, enabling novel amazing applications in privacy-first authentication across all industries, from retail to banking and healthcare. Plus, it runs on any platform/device/camera taking less than an hour to integrate on any third-party products and uses state of the art zero knowledge privacy to ensure not even YooniK can match anyone in contexts that haven’t been authorised.

Founded late 2019, YooniK simplifies all consumer interactions with contactless, secure and private face authentication on any device in industries as diverse as Retail, Banking & Payments, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Self-Service & Delivery. Recently becoming top 3 in Europe and Americas for accuracy, YooniK is introducing unprecedented privacy levels to the market, through zero knowledge proof technology, by ensuring not even YooniK can match users in contexts they haven’t authorised.

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