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Versa Networks Launches a Native 5G WAN Edge Product Delivering Complete SASE Services to the Edge

September 2021 by Versa

Versa Networks Launches a Native 5G WAN Edge Product delivering complete SASE integration and SASE services to the network edge.

Versa offers 5G natively with its SASE hardware appliances that deliver faster 5G speeds for enhanced application experience and more capacity for high-density environments. The 5G appliances are optimised for seamless user experiences, greater user and device capacity, and more reliable coverage. These 5G-native SASE appliances offer the most granular, context-aware security for highly distributed 5G networks. This includes comprehensive security, real-time correlation of threats, network-aware application traffic management, network slicing capabilities, and more. With Versa, partners can leverage these 5G native appliances for their managed service offerings that deliver unparalleled speed and security required by their customers.

Versa’s cloud-native, hardened 5G security appliances protect against zero-day exploits, Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDOS), vulnerability exploits, malware, ransomware attacks, and more. This approach of hardened technology delivering SASE services is critical for organisations to offer optimal connectivity and security in a modern threat landscape. Versa’s embedded 5G appliances support cloud-delivered SASE services, including SWG, NGFW, UTM, and SD-WAN over a single pass architecture. This single hardware supporting Secure SD-WAN, 5G and security minimises hardware sprawl and reduces attack surfaces by integrating three appliances into one.

Versa’s 5G native WAN Edge appliances support Private LTE, Private 5G solutions, and First Responder providing customers additional flexibility for deployment. Versa 5G appliances provide natively built-in VNF management capabilities, including hosting private 5G core network elements as VNFs, reducing the need to deploy separate hardware. In addition, Versa enables unmatched network and control traffic segmentation and multi-tenancy to secure connectivity for both service providers and enterprises.

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