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ServiceNow to Acquire Lightstep,

May 2021 by Marc Jacob

ServiceNow announced it has signed an agreement to acquire next-generation observability specialize Lightstep .

By acquiring Lightstep, ServiceNow will solidify and accelerate its position as the world’s leading enterprise platform for digital businesses. ServiceNow is already a recognized market leader in IT service management, IT operations management and digital workflows. With Lightstep, an emerging pioneer in next generation application monitoring and observability, ServiceNow will help DevOps engineers build, deploy, run and monitor state-of-the-art, cloud-native applications. Together, ServiceNow and Lightstep will extend the benefits of observability across the enterprise through digital workflows that convert real-time insights into action across all the technologies, people, and processes that enable digital business.

In a cloud and DevOps based world, the software that powers today’s enterprises is increasingly complex. Yet, companies are expected to increase innovation and velocity without sacrificing reliability and performance. The combination of ServiceNow and Lightstep will deliver deep operational insights so enterprises can more effectively use modern technology stacks. Lightstep ’s solution analyzes system-wide metrics and tracing data in real time to understand the cause and effects of changes to application performance, reliability, and development velocity. The Now Platform coordinates the technical and team response, connecting insights with actions needed to drive digital transformation. Customers will be able to more easily monitor and respond to critical signals and indicators of software health using Lightstep ’s capabilities with ServiceNow’s IT workflow solutions’ ability to weave disparate elements into a seamless digital fabric. This gives business the confidence and clarity to drive faster innovation and better outcomes across the entire digital experience.

Lightstep is the trusted observability solution for both born-in-the-cloud companies like GitHub, Spotify and Twilio and fast-growing enterprises whose businesses are increasingly reliant on software applications. The Lightstep platform provides a unified approach to observability with system-wide visibility and insights integrated across metrics, distributed traces, and logs. This helps organizations speed software development velocity without compromising quality and to drive faster innovation across the entire digital customer experience.

San Francisco-based Lightstep was co-founded in 2015 by CEO Ben Sigelman, COO Ben Cronin, and Chief Architect Daniel Spoonhower. Key Lightstep team members helped define modern observability with their prior work on tracing and metrics monitoring at Google. Lightstep team members also co-created both the OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry open-source projects, leading the industry’s overall migration away from proprietary agents towards the portable, always-on, and open standards-based acquisition of traces, metrics, and logs.

ServiceNow expects to complete the acquisition in Q2 2021. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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