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Secure I.T. Environments Completes 80-mile Data Centre Migration Over a Weekend for Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

December 2020 by Marc Jacob

Secure I.T. has announced that it has completed a data centre migration project for the Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT), moving equipment and assets across a carefully choreographed weekend between sites 80 miles apart in Bedford and Colchester.

The project involved moving several cabinets and SAN equipment from Clapham in Bedfordshire to a new location prepared by the EPUT I.T. teams at a site in Colchester. The project was carefully planned during lockdown restrictions over a series of Microsoft Teams meetings. Taking place over a weekend, equipment was carefully labelled, removed, transported, cleaned and reconnected at the new site ready for the Trust IT projects team to test and take live on the Monday morning.

Secure I.T. Environments also worked closely with the trust IT projects team to ensure that connectivity was maintained for a number of key services through the existing Bedfordshire data centre while the migration took place. This included the configuration of network services to provide local fibre connectivity, WAB connectivity to the Trust Media Business EtherVPN network and WAN services via N3/HSCN. A remote access VPN service was included in the migration, as well as a point-to-point connection between the new data centre in Colchester and the trust’s primary data centre in Grays, Thurrock to maintain consistent data replication services post migration.

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