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Alan launches with Tanker the first end-to-end-encrypted medical chat

November 2020 by Marc Jacob

Alan, the dematerialized and independent health insurer in France, is working with Tanker, a technology company specializing in data security, in order to revolutionize the telecare pathway and protect the privacy of its users. Since October 2020, Alan and Tanker have been operating the first end-to-end encrypted medical chat for the general public. For Alan, this innovation is the first step towards the creation of a European healthcare platform that is personalized, secure, and observant of doctor-patient confidentiality. End-to-end encryption guarantees Alan’s 115,000 users total and exclusive control over their personal medical data. Neither Alan, Tanker nor their providers can access data exchanged during chat between users and Alan’s medical team. This technology which, up to now, has been restricted to messaging services such as WhatsApp, or integrated by default in Apple apps (iMessage, Apple Health) has been designed for general public availability by Tanker.

A major change to practices

The public health crisis has caused an explosion in telemedicine, with an average of 400,000 teleconsultations a week in France since April 2020, as opposed to 35,000 during the month of February 2020. This revolution brings with it increased risks with regard to medical practices. In this context, questions of privacy and the protection of users’ personal data are more than ever an absolute priority for Alan. In associating with Tanker in order to provide its telecare platform with end-to-end encryption, Alan is revolutionizing the care pathway for its users and is contributing to the transformation of healthcare without compromising on privacy protection or doctor-patient confidentiality.

“The protection of privacy is a concern for all users of internet services. It is even more so in the case of healthcare. Alan is investing in technology so that everyone can benefit from the very best care with complete peace of mind.” Charles Gorintin, Alan’s co-founder and CTO

“Complete observance of doctor-patient confidentiality and ensuring the maximum level of security for patients who use our telehealth platform is primordial. With client-side encryption, only doctors can access the content of medical conversations. The contrary would have been unthinkable.” Dr Pierre-Auguste Beaucoté, general practitioner with Alan “Without doctor-patient confidentiality, there would be no digitization of healthcare. Alan’s vision will hugely simplify our relationship with healthcare in the years to come. We are proud to go forward with them and provide them with the infrastructure they need to make their platform secure.” Clément Ravouna, Tanker’s co-founder and CEO

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