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Panaseer Automates IRM with Archer Integration

August 2020 by Marc Jacob

Panaseer announces the availability of its integration with RSA Archer for automated controls assessment and assurance.

Traditionally, Integrated Risk Management (IRM) functions have relied on manual, human-driven approaches to self-assess and assure that security controls are deployed and implemented correctly across all assets in an organisation. This has resulted in security teams wasting time on processes that are error-prone, which produce out-of-date and inaccurate results.

Panaseer has pioneered the category of Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM), an emerging area of security metrics and measurement automation and a new approach to controls monitoring. The Panaseer CCM platform provides consolidated visibility of an enterprises’ devices, applications, people, accounts and databases, as well as validation that controls are working effectively.
CCM technology addresses a myriad of challenges facing senior security, audit, risk and compliance leaders, which include scarce resources, data integrity and tightening regulation. Last year Panaseer issued its Security Leader’s Peer Report. It outlined that security teams are now spending over a third of their time (36%) manually producing reports and the vast majority (89%) of security leaders at large enterprises are struggling with visibility of assets and controls. These drivers, coupled with regulations like MAS Cyber Hygiene Notices that require a 360º view of every asset across multiple controls, have created a clear requirement for automated monitoring solutions that enable real-time visibility of assets.

By feeding complete asset inventories, control compliance metrics, and business context for risk prioritisation from Panaseer’s CCM platform into RSA’s Archer IRM platform, security and risk teams can achieve automated IRM and get continuous controls monitoring and assurance.

The GRC team will be able to evolve from sampling assessments to performing complete assessments, across both cloud and on-premise environments, as testing of every control is available automatically, without the need for a large team or manual validation.

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