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NEOWAVE and ISRA Cards announce an agreement to develop and market Badgeo FIDO2, a dual-interface card compatible with the FIDO2 standard

January 2020 by Marc Jacob

NEOWAVE and ISRA Cards strengthen their collaboration with a development and marketing partnership agreement of the Badgeo FIDO2 card. This card provides a strong and simplified authentication solution for the web and the cloud. The security has henceforth become accessible to all professionals in both mobile and desktop environments.

FIDO2 is the overarching term for FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance’s newest set of specifications. This open industry association is working to enhance online authentication security. It aims to specify and promote simple, strong and interoperable security architectures more secure than passwords and SMS OTP (One-Time-Password).

Badgeo FIDO2 features allow for great flexibility and meet many needs for various applications (secure identities, health, banking…). Badgeo FIDO2 is a dual interface card, made in France, with contact (ISO 7816) and contactless/NFC (ISO 14443 type A, NXP MIFARE ® DESFire® Ev1, Ev2) technologies.

It includes a EAL5+ Common Criteria certified JavaCard component, a FIDO2 application and a FIDO U2F one.

It is compatible with all OS markets, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS and online services that natively integrate the FIDO2 standard: Microsoft Azur Active Directory (Azur AD), Windows 10,… as well as the FIDO U2F standard, a second-factor authentication: Google, Gmail, Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce,…. Badgeo FIDO2 now enables a large number of businesses to access easily deployed, standardized and competitive logical and physical security solutions.

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