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G+D Mobile Security equips SHARP’s new mobile phone for kids with eSIM technology

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

NTT DOCOMO, INC. Japan’s largest mobile network operator, has launched "Kids Keitai SH-03M", a new mobile phone especially for children. The devices produced by DOCOMO and SHARP use eSIM technology from G+D Mobile Security for their connectivity.

The children mobile phone contains an embedded eSIM chip (eUICC) from G+D Mobile Security, which is equipped with mobile phone subscriptions from DOCOMO. As the phone is a pure eSIM device, it has only an embedded UICC without a plug-in SIM slot. The embedded SIM itself is soldered on the chip board. Advantages here are that the SIM card can not be lost or damaged. Moreover, the smaller the SIM, the less space it needs. Therefore, the size of the device can be made smaller and fit comfortably in the hands of children.

The chips are based on the secure Sm@rtSIM CX platform from G+D Mobile Security, which ensures secure eSIM management. DOCOMO can easily manage the mobile subscriptions of the mobile phones with the eSIM Management Service from G+D Mobile Security.

The "Kids Keitai SH-03M" mobile phones are specifically designed for children aged five to twelve years. They not only serve as a telephone and for data services, but also function as a security tool for their protection. They have special features such as parental tracking service, alarm functions and the ability to prevent children from calling strangers. In the mobile phones, the security was strengthened because the eSIM and the battery pack were not designed to be removed. To withstand children’s activities, they are also waterproof and protected against sand intrusion.

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