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Equinix Becomes a Google Cloud Premier Partner

August 2020 by Marc Jacob

Equinix, Inc. announced it has become a Google Cloud Premier Partner. The partnership enables enterprises to more easily connect and migrate priority workloads to Google Cloud.

Global IT strategies are increasingly moving toward hybrid multicloud solutions as businesses leverage the flexibility and scalability these architectures offer. Equinix provides private interconnection for companies operating across markets to improve their global reach and seamlessly connect to key customers, partners and suppliers. Customers utilizing Equinix’s interconnection services will also benefit from support around the configuration of their telecom and service architecture—facilitating accelerated digital transformation.

The combination of Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric® (ECX Fabric®) and Google Cloud Interconnect services provides more agile and scalable hybrid multicloud services to further support digital transformation and enterprise growth; while the integration of Equinix SmartKey® and Google Cloud External Key Manager (EKM) provides customers with secure key storage, encryption and tokenization services to address performance and risk. This also supports governance and compliance requirements at the digital edge, close to clouds and carriers.

Findings from Equinix’s 2019-20 Global Tech Trends Survey—which explores the key technological trends defining organizations’ IT strategies across the world—showed a global trend toward the adoption of hybrid multicloud strategies and an increase in the number of IT functions dependent on the cloud.

As an additional support to businesses looking to simplify hybrid multicloud infrastructures, Equinix recently rolled out one of its largest expansions of ECX Fabric, providing increased access to a rich ecosystem of clouds, networks, partners and customers, most critical to digital business.

Highlights/Key Facts

• Equinix currently houses more than 35% of Google Cloud on-ramps (in over 35 metros) through dedicated enterprise-leveraged or partner GCI services.
• Direct and secure connectivity is key to deploying and managing hybrid multicloud infrastructure to ensure peak performance and data security. According to Equinix’s 2019-20 Global Tech Trends Survey, 51% of the IT decision-makers surveyed are deploying hybrid multicloud models. An estimated 44% of their IT infrastructure is currently on the cloud, and 71% of respondents globally plan to move more functions—such as productivity tools, databases and business-critical applications—onto the cloud.
• ECX Fabric enables streamlined access to the world’s largest cloud providers, allowing enterprises, network and cloud service providers to directly, securely and dynamically connect distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems globally. By connecting local services and distributed infrastructure via ECX Fabric, businesses can resolve application performance and digital transformation challenges.
• Equinix provides direct connections to Google Cloud via GCI and ECX Fabric—increasing agility for enterprises in changing market conditions, thereby maximizing new opportunities.
• With a global footprint of more than 210 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers, Platform Equinix® houses a large share of the world’s public cloud on-ramps and drives some of the most physically and virtually interconnected ecosystems in the world.
• Enterprises can colocate equipment for hybrid multicloud workloads on Platform Equinix with low latency to the nearest Google Cloud regions.

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