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DocAuthority supports Saga with data protection and document management

September 2018 by Marc Jacob

Saga, the company that specialises in providing exclusive services for the over 50s, is working with DocAuthority to help keep its customers’ data secure.

Saga prides itself on offering quality customer service, and a key part of its brand value is focused on protecting customer data assets. That is why the company decided to adopt DocAuthority’s technology, after growing data volumes led Saga to look for an advanced technical solution. With DocAuthority’s automated data loss prevention technology, which makes use of artificial intelligence (AI), Saga can now identify and categorise data according to its business functionality.

In today’s digital age, knowing what data you are storing and how to structure it can be a challenge. Prior to working with DocAuthority, Saga had a good understanding of the flow of structured data throughout the organisation but struggled with unstructured data. Now, not only has that gap been closed and extra protection is in place to ensure data is deleted when required, the risk of data leaking outside the organisation has also been reduced.

Paul Clements, Chief Information Officer at Saga, said: “Saga is incredibly diverse,
and our old e-discovery solution was not flexible enough to meet our demands. DocAuthority enables us to identify and report in a very visual way so we can work with the business, focus on critical assets and ensure we have nailed data retention policy. It has also enabled us to search unstructured data and the ability to search what we could not see before.”

Steve Abbott, CEO of DocAuthority, said: “Businesses are aware that there is a problem with unstructured data, but they don’t have great visibility of what could help them fix it. For Saga, DocAuthority increases the accuracy with which data is determined, maximises time-efficiency and ensures that subject access requests can be more easily met. Our partnership with Saga enables it to have peace of mind over the business data it stores, helping it effectively identify and align its files with increased security.”

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