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SureCloud helps U Account with GDPR Compliance

September 2018 by Marc Jacob

Fintech solutions provider U Account has deployed six applications from the SureCloud GDPR Suite to enable the business to achieve and maintain compliance with the EU Regulation that came into force in May 2018.

U Account selected the SureCloud GDPR Suite, delivered from the SureCloud Platform after it demonstrated the ability to link and cross-reference processing activities across all business processes. In addition, the solution enabled the organization to support both their benchmarking and ongoing compliance requirements from a single access point.

U Account’s package includes six GDPR applications: GDPR Program Tracker, GDPR Management, Information Asset Management, Compliance Management, Risk Management (privacy variant), and Incident Management for GDPR. The deployment covers the 50,000 personal customer and employee records the business handles, including names, date of birth, address, account numbers and much more, enabling the business to ensure that it can confidently demonstrate its commitment to data protection and privacy.

Kieran O’Shea, Head of Compliance and Data Protection Officer at U Account commented: “As a business that is cloud-native it was important to us that any solution not only met our compliance requirements but was also cloud-based, without the need for thousands of spreadsheets. We reviewed a number of solutions, including open source, custom made and off the shelf solutions, ultimately selecting SureCloud as they not only met all our requirements but enabled us to have a mature, well-established off the shelf solution with room for custom configuration.”

Nick Rafferty, COO at SureCloud commented: “With organizations facing fines of 20million Euros or 4% of revenue if they fail to comply, it is critical that they ensure that their data handling processes meet the principles laid out in the GDPR Regulation. The GDPR will impact businesses across every sector, and we are delighted to be working with U Account to ensure that it is working towards compliance.”

SureCloud’s GDPR Application Suite consolidates the numerous articles within the regulation into a set number of business-specific controls, providing a reliable set of processes to ensure that the standards are continually met, removing the need for organizations to develop and maintain spreadsheets to achieve compliance.
Using the GDPR Application Suite, organizations across a wide range of sectors can apply the GDPR’s rules not only business-wide but also to specific departments and processes to ensure that all personal data are handled in compliance with the regulation. This, in turn, enables them to assess their current compliance status against the GDPR framework quickly – and allows them to make changes to better manage their GDPR obligations.

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