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DigiCert Collaborates with ServiceNow

September 2020 by Marc Jacob

DigiCert, Inc. announced a collaboration with ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people, to simplify certificate management through a comprehensive DigiCert CertCentral® application within ServiceNow.

Digital transformation and a rapidly growing need for digital certificate deployment, along with shrinking certificate lifetimes, are all leading to additional workload for IT teams. Additionally, CA/Browser Forum requirements specify that a certificate must be replaced within 24 hours for key compromise and similar events, and five days if information changes or there is a technical gap in certificate contents. Using spreadsheets and notifications to manage certificates is no longer viable.

The sheer scale and continued changes in public TLS certificate policies require automated, intelligent workflows management to avoid the costly impacts of expired or non-compliant certificates. Severe outages from expired or revoked certificates can take several days to resolve, with outages costing more than 500,000 dollars per hour, according to an IBM study. DigiCert and ServiceNow make it possible for enterprises to benefit from best-in-class certificate management digital workflows while managing all IT operations in one place, the ServiceNow application.

Within the CertCentral Manager App in ServiceNow, users and administrators can manage the entire certificate lifecycle including:
• Request, edit and download certificates
• Approve, reject and edit requests and manage users
• Assign roles to ensure proper workflow
• Customize the enrollment page with additional fields
• Customize the email templates with additional instructions

The CertCentral Manager App is easy to install and requires no coding, scripting or maintenance. DigiCert offers the only turnkey integration with ServiceNow in the market. Additionally, preferences are synced between CertCentral and ServiceNow, so no extra setup or configuration is required.

As global leaders for enterprise IT and security, each servicing around 80% of the Fortune 500, DigiCert and ServiceNow have the combined industry leadership and market share to innovate solutions for their customers. Demand from joint Fortune 500 customers plays a key role in this collaboration.

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