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Device Authority releases new version of IoT security platform with support for Microsoft Azure Sphere

September 2020 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Device Authority announced the latest version of its KeyScaler platform which includes enhanced device connectivity, secure data storage and support for Microsoft Azure Sphere.

Azure Sphere brings together the best of Microsoft’s expertise in cloud, software and silicon to provide a security foundation and connectivity to create intelligent secure products and accelerate the adoption of IoT at scale. Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform has the ability to leverage this initial security foundation by enabling Azure Sphere devices to connect to KeyScaler and provide them with operational certificates to automate and secure device enrolment to any IoT platform. This extends the security suite to Azure with connectors to HSMs, CAs and IoT platforms for secure trusted IoT solutions.

Additionally, this KeyScaler release also expands on the previously announced HSM Access Controller solution with a secure data repositories feature. This enables customers to centrally and securely store sensitive data and use policies to control access to that data.

This release also includes control panel updates, improved device connectivity support, along with new logging and reporting features. The release will be available to existing customers from Monday, September 21st.

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