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Cybereason and Intel Drive New Silicon Enabled Ransomware Protections for Business

January 2021 by Marc Jacob

Cybereason announced a partnership to adopt new Intel® Hardware Shield protections for Ransomware available on the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro® mobile platforms. Cybereason’s multi-layered protection, in collaboration with Intel® Threat Detection Technology, will enable full-stack visibility to uncover ransomware attacks.

The solution represents the first instance where PC hardware plays a direct role in ransomware cyber defense to better protect enterprise endpoints from costly attacks, and underscores both companies’ commitment to empowering defenders by reversing the adversary advantage.

Ransomware continues to evade traditional anti-malware defenses, highlighting the need for a new approach to protecting the enterprise from costly attacks, system downtime, and reputational damage. Cybereason’s superior prevention, detection and response capabilities combined with Intel Hardware Shield protects enterprise customers from ransomware while improving overall security performance.

Cybereason expects to announce market availability during the first half of 2021. Additional value that Intel and Cybereason are bringing to the market:

CPU Threat Detection—Enables enterprise customers to go beyond signature and file-based techniques by leveraging CPU-based behavioral prevention of ransomware.

Full-Stack Visibility—Eliminates blind spots to expose ransomware as it avoids detection in memory or hides in virtual machines while differentiating legitimate data encryption processes for business purposes.

Unleash Machine Learning for Better Security—Enterprises can accelerate performance-intensive machine learning security algorithms by offloading to the Intel integrated graphics controller to boost capacity to analyze more data and do more security scans.

Accelerate Endpoint Prevention, Detection & Response—Enterprises can bolster the performance of their security agent processing for better user experiences.

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