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Desmarais Avocats launches a series of icons specifically addressing GDPR

July 2018 by Marc Jacob

Make legal information intelligible and accessible for all – this is the goal set by Desmarais Avocats, one of the most renowned french legal practice, specialising in IT law. How is this possible? By developing simple and innovative tools based on the Legal Design approach. First off, the practice recently created the “Legal Design–GDPR–Desmarais Avocats” icon pack that illustrates the different concepts and notions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Simplifying legal information and rendering it more accessible with the help of Legal Design

Legal documents often mean dense volumes of information that are difficult to understand and hold little appeal for novices and sometimes even people with a good basic knowledge of the area. GDPR is no exception… The concept of Legal Design places the user at the centre of the legal process by simplifying the regulatory content of procedures. This is achieved through the use of presentations that are more attractive, more accessible and above all, more intelligible.

The idea is to improve users’ understanding of their rights and obligations through a didactic, transparent approach based on innovative tools. In a word, the aim is to ensure that the “enlightened” aspect of consent takes on its full meaning.

Legal stakeholders need to reconsider their services and documents by placing users’ needs at the centre of each procedure, in order to facilitate communication with them and to strengthen the bond of trust, a key component in any relationship.

This is the thinking behind the Legal Design approach implemented by Desmarais Avocats – to provide businesses with a vector for innovation and a more effective means of communication for all parties involved.

A dedicated GDPR icon pack, free of charge and available for all

Henceforth, with GDPR all persons concerned by data processing are entitled to receive information that is “concise, easily accessible and easy to understand, using clear and plain language”. Desmarais Avocats takes these GDPR requirements very seriously and has embarked upon the Legal Design journey to give these words their full meaning. ”I fully embrace the Legal Design concept. For me pictograms are one of the best ways of making a document more visual and readable. This is the reason why I have created a series of icons, illustrating the different concepts and notions of GDPR for the use of all stakeholders involved”, explains Desmarais Avocats founder Pierre Desmarais.

First off, the practice developed the “Legal Design – GDPR – Desmarais Avocats” basic pack comprising 9 free icons, that can be downloaded from its website.

Use of the icon set is subject to the terms and conditions of use of the licence Creative Commons CC BY-SA: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International, which allows users to share and adapt the material for any use, including commercial. In return, the user undertakes to give credit to Desmarais Avocats, include a link to the licence and indicate whether any changes have been made to the material.

A series of 44 additional icons, forming the full pack, is also available upon request.

“The ultimate idea is to develop new tools based on Legal Design and to renew legal media in everyday use, such as agreements or general terms and conditions of service", concludes Pierre Desmarais.

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