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Cloud Gateway upgrades managed service

March 2018 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Cloud Gateway has announced significant enhancements to its managed service.

The improvements to Cloud Gateway’s service have been integrated after the first twelve months of a contract with a major UK Government department, which is undergoing a major digital evolution as mandated by the Government Transformation Strategy 2017-2020. Enhancements include:
· improved visibility, through a completely revamped portal
· improved service management, combining best practice ITIL guidance with a state of the art VeriSM approach
· greater choice of cloud service providers for instant, high bandwidth access, through additional strategic relationships

Cloud Gateway manages and secures cloud connectivity while retaining and integrating any ‘must keep’ elements of legacy infrastructure. Benefits include the provision of networking expertise which is, in a cloud environment, perhaps even more important than in the pre-cloud era; and cybersecurity expertise, also a priority for any digital business.

Offering maximum flexibility to customers, Cloud Gateway’s managed service comprises a suite of highly modular, supplier-agnostic solutions, spanning:
· connection to any cloud provider
· the provision of future-ready infrastructure
· network security

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