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BalaBit IT Security – Lieberman Software Partnership Controls and Records Access to Privileged Accounts

November 2011 by Marc Jacob

BalaBit IT Security and Lieberman Software Corporation, developers of the first fully automated privileged identity management solution, today announced a strategic alliance that integrates BalaBit’s Shell Control Box (SCB) with Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM). The integration provides fine-grained control of user activity during privileged access.

SCB is an activity monitoring appliance that controls access to remote servers, virtual desktops and networking devices, and records the activities of the users accessing those systems. It can produce indexed movie-like records and audit trails of actions performed with privileged access for fast and cost-effective IT forensics.

ERPM automatically locates every privileged account in the enterprise, frequently changes each account’s password to a unique and complex value, and deploys the password changes wherever they are used in the data center. It provides the accountability of showing precisely who on the IT staff had access to sensitive data, at what time and for what stated purpose. The ERPM-SCB integration protects the confidentiality of privileged account passwords by preventing their sharing and reuse. When integrated, these products provide centralized, automatic management of privileged account passwords, fine-grained access control of privileged accounts, and independent monitoring of each privileged access with customizable reporting capabilities. ERPM and SCB work together without changing server and client resources and without limiting the way that IT staff normally performs daily tasks. Users are authenticated by SCB and credentials for accessing systems are retrieved transparently through ERPM.

Key benefits of the Lieberman Software - BalaBit integration:

• Simplified password management and improved access control on remote servers

• Sharing of privileged user passwords for server administration is eliminated

• More secure access without changing how users perform their everyday work

• Users can utilize special capabilities (like file-transfer, remote printing, etc.) of remote access protocols such as RDP, SSH and others if authorized

• Central automatic management of passwords, fine-grained access control and independent audit-proof access monitoring with customizable reports

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