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SHQ Response Rewrites the Rules on Cyber Risk Visualization & Collaboration

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

SecurityHQ Rewrites the Rule Book with Latest Risk and Incident Management Capabilities for Award Winning SHQ Response Platform.

Empowering CISOs to Visualize and Mitigate Cyber Risks

SHQ Response Platform acts as the Emergency Room, and the Risk Centre provides the Wellness Hub for all cyber security monitoring and actions. This has included a complete rewrite on how risks are visualized and how customers work with their security team.

The Risk Centre is designed with the purpose to prevent emergencies before they arise. To make this possible, SecurityHQ has combined its intellectual property and knowledge on risk mitigation and cybersecurity, and merged this with several recognized sources in the industry, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK), to provide actions on how to identify, map, and raise risks.

With SHQ Response Platform, users are now able to:

Map Threats, Assets and Vulnerabilities to Derive Risks.
Manage Risks in Accordance with NIST 800-30.
Identify Maturity and High Impact Mitigations, Linked to NIST 800-53.
Track Mitigations, Task Assignments, and Progress.
Link Compliance Incidents to Risk, to Reduce Repetitive Incidents Creating Noise.
Receive Monthly Tailored Executive Reports, Delivered by Data Analytics Team, to Prioritise Actions.
View Incident Graphic Card, which Showcases Real-time Incident Information, Including Time-line Perspective Tab, Graphical Representation Tab, and MITRE Tactics Tab.
Investigate & Prioritise Incidents. Categorises incidents against MITRE ATT&CK, & Assign Risk Level, Based on CIA Attributes, Asset Criticality, Possible Impact.

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