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SANS Institute Redefines Business Security with Innovative AI Leadership Training

February 2024 by Marc Jacob

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every facet of business, the SANS Institute, a global leader in cybersecurity training, is proud to announce the launch of a pioneering new course: AIS247: AI Security Essentials for Business Leaders. Tailored specifically for the manager level and above, this cutting-edge 90-minute online course, led by renowned expert and SANS Fellow Frank Kim and SANS Head of Innovation and course author Dan deBeaubien, is designed to empower leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities and opportunities of AI in the business world.

AI is no longer a futuristic concept but a present-day reality reshaping industries across the globe. With the rapid evolution of Generative AI (GenAI) technologies, understanding their strategic implications, operational mechanics, and associated risks is crucial for business leaders. AIS247 addresses this critical need, offering comprehensive insights into AI adoption, tools, operations, and the pivotal role of cybersecurity in AI development.

Participants will benefit from an in-depth exploration of GenAI and understand its foundations, including prompt engineering and large language models. The course takes a hands-on approach, with practical applications to showcase how GenAI is revolutionizing industries through examples in content creation, data analysis, software engineering, and more.

One of the course’s focal points is risk management and mitigation, providing crucial insights into common GenAI risks. Participants will not only identify potential threats but also acquire effective strategies for risk mitigation, ensuring a proactive and resilient security posture. Additionally, AIS247 addresses the critical aspect of AI policy development, equipping participants with the skills needed to craft and implement effective AI strategies within their organizations. This comprehensive approach ensures that business leaders are not only informed about GenAI but are also prepared to navigate its risks and opportunities strategically, creating a secure and forward-thinking organizational AI framework.

“This course is an essential guide for any professional striving to stay ahead in a world increasingly driven by AI,” emphasized Kim. “The course provides invaluable takeaways and skills, including understanding the motivations for GenAI adoption, addressing primary risks in AI implementation, and appreciating the ethical considerations in AI usage.”

Enrollment is now open, with a single-seat price of $289 and volume discounting available. This training is a rare opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the realm of AI - a field where staying informed is not just beneficial, but imperative for success.

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