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Safer Internet Day - Expert Commentary

February 2024 by Max Gannon, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Cofense

Today is Safer Internet Day. With the theme of "together for a better internet," this day encourages collective responsibility to create a safe online community. The commentary from Max Gannon, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Cofense, on the importance of email security education.

Every year, Safer Internet Day reminds us that online security isn’t just about individual vigilance - it’s a collective effort requiring strong internal defenses. With cyberattacks growing in frequency and complexity, integrating robust security practices across your entire organization is crucial. This includes prioritizing comprehensive email security awareness training for employees and empowering them to become active participants in safeguarding your system’s data.

Email, which serves as the workhorse of communication, can be a dangerous gateway for malicious phishing threats that bypass Secure Email Gateways (SEGs). An estimated 40% of ransomware attacks start through email. By raising awareness and prioritizing email security education, employees can identify and report malicious threats, using simulations on current phishing attacks to gain insights into the tactics used against organizations. For every email reported, an average of 20 additional malicious emails are removed from inboxes. Creating a stronger employee reporting culture with a uniform base of knowledge helps protect entire organizations, creating a safer internet environment.

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