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One Identity announced the general availability of One Identity Cloud PAM Essentials

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

One Identity announced the general availability of One Identity Cloud PAM Essentials. This innovative SaaS-based solution will simplify privileged access management (PAM) across the enterprise, with a specific focus on cloud applications and infrastructure.

The surge in cloud migration, coupled with the expansion of the attack surface and the growing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks, underscores the critical need for effective PAM solutions. By tightly controlling and auditing access to privileged accounts, PAM plays a pivotal role in bolstering an organization’s security posture and mitigating identity-based attacks.

Small and mid-sized businesses, which often grapple with limited IT resources, stand to benefit significantly from this solution. According to KuppingerCole, 78% of them view comprehensive PAM solutions as integral to their cybersecurity strategy.

With its exceptional time-to-value and streamlined management interface, PAM Essentials empowers security teams with robust controls, ensuring only authorized individuals can gain access to sensitive systems and data. The solution provides full visibility into user activities, facilitating proactive risk management through an intuitive user interface.

Key features of PAM Essentials include:
• Cloud-native PAM functionality: Remote and hybrid security teams can access cloud applications and resources with ease.
• Sessions-based privileged access: User sessions are monitored, controlled and recorded with remote access via SSH and RDP.
• Privileged session recording: Structured audit logs, protocol proxy session recordings and isolation of user sessions create a strong forensic trail tracking potential threats.
• Secured credentials management: Central orchestration of auto-login, timely rotation of passwords and vaulting of local server account passwords reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
• Secure tunnel technology: Eliminates the complexities of traditional network access solutions - with no VPN needed - by being built on zero-trust architecture.
• Native integration with OneLogin: Extended unified access management via centrally managed PAM Essentials is enabled for OneLogin customers.
• Flexible: Users can quickly and effectively integrate existing directories and authentication controls.

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