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eshard announces its collaboration with ALPhANOV

September 2018 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

eshard announces its collaboration with ALPhANOV, the Optics and Lasers technology Center, to integrate esDynamic Analyst Development platform with the industry state-of-art laser benches.

eshard technology allows security experts to analyze, attack, pinpoint vulnerabilities and finally refine the security of their products in an efficient way, while ensuring them to build and share their knowledge internally. The collaborative design of the platform enables not only the solution to perform side-channel, white-box cryptography analysis, fault injection and also provides extensions to control equipment.

ALPhANOV laser benches consist of high-end hardware platforms allowing to focus through a microscope one or two ultra-short laser pulses and scan them on integrated circuits (IC) for testing. This technic called laser fault injection, allows to disrupt the IC while it is running, and make sure that it’s enough secured against physical external attacks. With ALPhANOV laser station, users can control temporally, with picosecond precision when the pulse is injected on the IC and spatially with only hundreds nanometer resolutions.

Combine esDynamic platform with ALPhANOV hardware enables the industry to access to a comprehensive solution for secure chip fault injection and allows experts to efficiently build or improve its knowhow in security analysis.

ALPhANOV and eshard keep strengthening their partnership and developing more dedicated solutions for their customers.

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