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eshard’s esDynamic is chosen by STMicroelectronics

September 2018 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

esDynamic platform has been selected by STMicroelectronics’ expert laboratory in cryptography and related attacks to bring their security analyses, such as side-channel, to the next level.

esDynamic platform from eshard is a solution to characterise and validate the security of implementation. eshard solutions are particularly suitable to address the semiconductor, handset, automotive industries, and more generally speaking to address the connected devices in the Internet of Things.

“eshard’s esDynamic toolset allows ST to unify our characterization work with a high-performing and flexible framework. We appreciate the capability to integrate our own signal-processing development and attack techniques through templates in the familiar PC environment with a suitable and effective display. Managing traces is flexible and efficient, and standard analysis means can be optimized. It offers an effective way to share characterization results between security experts and designers. It finally brings us a high confidence in the security of our products for a long-term resistance” said Pierre-Yvan Liardet, Manager of Secure Microcontrollers Cryptographic and Security Lab at STMicroelectronics.

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