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Ensurity FIDO2 Security Key embeds Fingerprints’ Biometrics for Passwordless Online Authentication

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Indian-based cybersecurity company, Ensurity, has integrated selected biometric technologies from Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints™) for its new FIDO2 biometric security key. The solution offers users a secure and convenient passwordless authentication experience for the latest version of Windows 10 operating system and numerous FIDO2 enabled web applications.

ThinC AUTH FIDO2 and AUTH BioPro (PIV) are hardware-bound passkeys, based on FIDO Alliance and W3C standards, and incorporate Fingerprints’ latest sensor, software and algorithms for access control. Today, 80% of computer hacks and cyber-crimes can be traced back to compromised passwords. Passkey technology offering multi-factor authentication (MFA) with biometrics is a key tool in the fight against phishing, man-in-the-middle and stolen credential attacks.

Adam Philpott, CEO of Fingerprints comments: “Hardware-bound passkeys with biometrics create stronger trust than alternative software or hardware in use today, ensuring robust security and a seamless user experience. Removing passwords and PINs as the default for online authentication will dramatically close today’s primary threat vector. Our collaboration with Ensurity will help to move the needle and drive adoption of digital authentication for logical access control.”

Amit Mathur, COO of Ensurity adds: “At Ensurity, we are focused on developing innovative solutions to the trickiest security issues. Passwords pose a significant threat to personal and organizational security. By combining Fingerprints’ proven biometric technology with our hardware token, we are addressing the threat that passwords pose, ensuring that authentication powers the digital economy, as opposed to hindering it.”

The biometric security key takes the form of a USB or USB-C token and is now available to consumers worldwide.

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