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eSentire Launches Security Awareness Training

June 2016 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

eSentire, Inc., launched eSentire Training Day™, an adaptive, gamified, and fully-mobile security awareness training solution that effectively arms employees against the latest social engineering, spear-phishing attacks, and more.

How it Works

With microlearning at its foundation, eSentire Training Day directly addresses the issues with traditional approaches for cybersecurity training, ensuring employees retain the knowledge they gain by exposing them to topics multiple times a week instead of just once. This enables companies to focus on improving knowledge for all employees, regardless of existing knowledge gaps, an individual’s preferred learning pace or location.

eSentire Training Day is provided online and in small bursts to ensure it isn’t disruptive to employees’ daily tasks. Each session lasts 3-5 minutes, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace. Employees “pass” the module after answering a number of questions correctly. Additionally, the solution keeps employees engaged through gamification, rewarding them for outstanding results.

In addition to tracking traditional metrics – like participation, grades, and progress – eSentire Training Day’s focus on sustained knowledge gives it the unique ability to measure knowledge improvements across the organization, with the ability to drill down to an individual employee.

eSentire Training Day goes beyond compliance to deliver actual protection. Key differentiators include:
- Meets cybersecurity compliance – extensive curriculum with 11 cybersecurity modules.
- Built for the busy – microlearning provides small, salient nuggets of learning content in short bursts (3-5 minutes), several times per week, instead of a traditional “boot-camp” session, which overloads employees with information in a short period of time.
- Grow and apply knowledge – recognized learning theories and adaptive technology provide the foundation for the platform behind eSentire Training Day, ensuring the modern employee not only learns about cybersecurity, but retains that knowledge for continued use within his or her daily work.
- Fun and engaging – built-in games, rewards, and achievements fuel employee participation.
- Always available – ready whenever and wherever employees are ready to learn via the desktop, a web browser, or Android or iOS mobile apps.
- Analytics and reports – real-time insights into how employee cybersecurity knowledge is improving and more importantly, protecting the business.

Pricing and Availability

eSentire Training Day is available now, with pricing and packages dependent upon user volume.

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