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GlobalPlatform Launches Dedicated Two-Day TEE Training Program

April 2016 by Marc Jacob

GlobalPlatform has introduced a two-day instructor-led training program focused on the trusted execution environment (TEE). The course, available to both GlobalPlatform members and non-members, is designed to improve knowledge of the TEE specifications and explain how to effectively implement and use a TEE environment. The first session will take place in Munich from 13-14 June 2016.

The training program is product-neutral – applicable to a TEE from any vendor – and will be of particular value to programmers and program architects that are developing applications within the TEE or OEMS integrating a TEE into their device. Over the course of the two-day session, participants will develop an understanding of the TEE System Architecture, the various APIs associated with the TEE, the Trusted User Interface, and the TEE Administration Framework. TEE compliance testing, the TEE Protection Profile, and certification will also be covered.

“The training has been launched as a direct response to the huge growth in industry demand for specialist TEE training”, explains Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director at GlobalPlatform. “This is unsurprising, given that the use cases that are applicable to the TEE are expanding, and an increasing number of applications are hosting sensitive, personal and confidential information that could have significant consequences if compromised.

“The course, through various exercises and Q&A sessions, will equip students with all the necessary knowledge to effectively implement a TEE environment and enable the development and deployment of secure applications from multiple service providers.”

The launch of a dedicated training program supplements a number of GlobalPlatform initiatives that have been driven by a global increase in adoption of TEE technology. Launched in 2015, the GlobalPlatform TEE Security Certification Scheme is accelerating deployment of certified TEE products by enabling vendors to confirm conformance to the organization’s TEE Protection Profile through independent security evaluation. Additionally, the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program, which evaluates a range of secure components, including both secure elements and TEEs, has now qualified over 160 products.

This year will also see the return of GlobalPlatform’s dedicated TEE Conference. The fourth annual seminar, ‘GlobalPlatform Presents the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE): Connected Device Security for Today and Tomorrow’ will take place in Santa Clara on 13 October 2016 and will showcase the technology’s value across rapidly evolving industries including Internet of Things, connected cars, eCurrencies and premium content protection.

Two TEE training sessions have also been scheduled to align with the TEE conference in Santa Clara. The first will take place prior to the seminar from 11-12 October and a second, developer-focused, session will take place after the event on 14 October. To ensure a dynamic working environment, the sessions will be limited to a maximum of 15 students.

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