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e2e-assure partners with Incursion Cyber Security to incorporate Security MDR into its consulting services portfolio

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Incursion Cyber Security (ICS) has formed a strategic partnership with e2e-assure, a leading Threat Detection & Response provider. This collaboration aims to integrate e2e-assure’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services into ICS’s expanding service portfolio. This collaboration will enable Incursion customers to deploy proactive, real-time monitoring, detection, and rapid response to enhance the protection of their attack surfaces and elevate overall security posture.

e2e-assure’s adaptive threat detection services provide a modular, cost-effective approach for businesses, addressing both common and sophisticated threats. In 2023, a 200% surge in ransomware attacks, particularly targeting the Mid to SME markets, emphasised the critical need for businesses to invest in EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response).

Beyond EDR, e2e-assure’s comprehensive managed detection and response services seamlessly align with Incursion’s mission to deliver straightforward, holistic cyber security coverage for SMEs in today’s evolving threat landscape.

ICS’s penetration testing, and security audit services complement e2e-assure’s adaptive threat detection services, emphasising comprehensive gap analysis and proactive security control evaluation and testing. Penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities through simulated cyberattacks, providing actionable insights, while ICS’s security audits assess the existing cyber security infrastructure against compliance and industry standards.

This collaboration will support SMEs and mid-market organisations in optimising their technological and staffing resources. By identifying and addressing gaps in cyber security measures and enhancing security controls, Incursion and e2e-assure will work together to maximise the cyber defence capabilities of businesses, ensuring a tailored, cost-effective strategy against evolving threats.

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