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Cado Security Comment: Big Issue Qilin Ransom Attack

March 2024 by Matt Muir, Threat Research Lead, Cado Security

Following the news of the ransomware attack on the Big Issue, the comment from Matt Muir, Threat Research Lead, Cado Security:

"This recent ransomware attack against The Big Issue demonstrates the wide variety of organisations currently susceptible to ransomware attacks. No organisation should be held to ransom in this manner, but targeting a social enterprise such as The Big Issue is particularly abhorrent. In the past, it was suggested that ransomware groups had a "code of honour", and would avoid targeting certain industries (e.g. healthcare) on moral grounds. If this was ever true, it certainly isn’t now. Although Qilin are relative newcomers to the ransomware industry, I expect we’ll see them quickly become a key player. Especially given the recent takedowns of other, higher-profile groups."

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