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Vectra AI Announces Integration with Chronicle’s Security Analytics Platform

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

Vectra has joined the Chronicle Index Partner program as part of a broader industry effort to help customers improve visibility of and response to cyber threats. Chronicle’s global security analytics platform is designed to help enterprise customers analyze their security telemetry to detect, investigate, and hunt for advanced threats, at the speed of search. By joining the Index Partner program, Vectra will work to integrate its products with the Chronicle platform, so that joint customers can better defend themselves against a variety of cyber attacks.

Security professionals face attacks of ever-increasing frequency and sophistication. Their number one priority has shifted from compromise prevention to reducing the amount of time an attacker roams inside the network. In this new paradigm, far too many organizations find themselves losing valuable time and energy with ineffective security tools instead of fighting attackers on their network. As these legacy tools seldom integrate, they only provide a siloed view of an attack surface and are unable to correlate between different tools.

With this new partnership between Vectra and Chronicle, organizations can start to feed high-value detections, and security-enriched network metadata using Vectra Cognito Stream into existing workflows and automate the correlation with logs from other threat signals in the Chronicle security telemetry. Together, Vectra and Chronicle deliver a practical solution to the most persistent problems facing today’s enterprise cybersecurity teams – finding and stopping active cyber attacks while getting the most out of limited time and resources.

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