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Trusted Objects launched tops plug&go

March 2021 by Marc Jacob

tops plug&go, which is part of Trusted Objects to-security offer, aims at simplifying and securing the interaction between firmware developers and their manufacturing subcontractors. tops plug&go service creates a secure link to monitor software programming operations, allowing all stakeholders to keep a full control of their asset at any stage of the manufacturing process of the electronic product.

In a usual microcontroller programming process, the embedded software is at risk of being intercepted during the transmission to the subcontractor and during the programming operations. It is also difficult for product developers and IP owners to remotely control how many products have been programmed, and to know how the embedded software has been stored in the premises. In addition, production reports are often generated and communicated manually, which is a source of uncertainties and inconveniences.

With tops plug&go, the firmware is sent to the manufacturer over a secure channel, thus protecting it against any wiretapping. It is stored in a secure environment at the production site before, during and after the programming operations which are secured thanks to leading edge technologies including cryptography techniques. tops plug&go controls the number of items that are manufactured as the production is ongoing, thus providing a protection against illegal copies, cloning and overproduction. Finally, the product developers and IP owners automatically receive authentic and signed reports at the end of each production batch.

tops plug&go services are provided thanks to a trusted exchange application combined with a secure box that belongs to the embedded software developer, and that is connected to the programing equipment. It brings an automated and secure transfer of the developer’s software IP, secure storage and secure programming. In addition, tops plug&go can securely generate secret data such as passwords, keys and certificates at production site; these secret data are securely injected in the programmable microcontrollers. At the end of the programming operations, a complete, authentic and signed batch report is delivered to the product developer.

tops plug&go services are compatible with most microcontrollers on the market. Another advantage is that tops plug&go is operated in a standalone mode, so there is no need to have a connection to an external server during operations.

tops plug&go is the result of several years of R&D efforts leveraged by the company longstanding experience in cybersecurity. The service is already qualified and available on a pay-per-use business model.

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