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Transmit Security integrates new AI capabilities into Customer Identity Security platform

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

Transmit Security announces the general availability and next phase of AI integration into the Transmit Security platform with the release of Conversational Analytics. This text-based analytics service leverages generative AI to empower anyone - even those without technical expertise - to perform quick custom searches on their identity databases.

The Transmit Security platform can now be queried with natural language questions such as “What are the most prevalent attack tactics in the past week?” or “Who are the most targeted/at-risk users?” Conversational Analytics’ model will then establish the intent of the question and extract the information from the identity database in seconds.

These queries will be handled with proper authentication and authorisation so that sensitive information is kept confidential, compliance is maintained and data handling remains within predefined access controls.

Many analytics services provide dashboards or integrative capacity if users want to stream their data into third party systems. However, out-of-the-box dashboards are often limited to what the product provides and streaming to third party systems still require users to integrate that data, which is an often time-consuming and error-prone process. Conversational Analytics circumvents that by allowing Transmit Security customers to directly interrogate data - both from the Transmit Security platform and from 3rd party integrations - and analyse user identity behaviour, device activity and trends with natural language expressions. This enables them to quickly gain valuable insights without the need for technical expertise and pursue enquiries into usage trends, behavioural anomalies and potential fraud by instantly asking follow-up questions on returned outputs across the fraud stack.

Conversational Analytics also lets users track responses to those questions over time. If a user needs to know about the behaviour, they can build that query into their dashboard so it can keep providing them with answers day after day.

Conversational Analytics’ AI powered investigations can be used in two ways. A “top-down” approach in which, for each identified fraud case, an AI chatbot can be directly queried in natural language and provide answers which give full context to the case, addressing critical fraud threats in real time. Conversely, a “bottom-up” approach offers offline, ongoing fraud analysis which can be monitored from a dashboard and leveraged for reporting and management briefing.

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