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The BA, BBC, and Boots Cyber-Attack: Making Proactive Cybersecurity a Top Priority

June 2023 by LogRhythm

Hundreds of UK firms including the BBC, British Airways and Boots have been hit by a cyber-attack, leaving the personal details of staff compromised. This comes after a flaw in the file transfer system MOVEit was exploited by cyber criminals.
The Comment of LogRhythm about the hack:

Ransomware attackers are constantly going after bigger targets for bigger pay-outs and this is exactly what we are seeing within the recent attack on BA, the BBC and Boots. The breach shows that even well-established and trusted brands are not immune to ransomware attacks.

The Russian-speaking ransomware group, Clop, has claimed responsibility for the breaches centered around the MOVEit file transfer software used by hundreds of UK companies, including BA, Boots and the BBC. The attack exposed critical employee personal data, including bank, national insurance, and contact details to hackers. This highlights the growing vulnerability many companies are facing when it comes to sophisticated cyber-attacks targeting flaws along their software supply chain.

As a customer of BA myself, the safety of my data is a top concern. Organizations of all sizes need to recognize that ransomware attacks are a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ and must move from a reactive to a proactive cybersecurity strategy to stay ahead of relentless threats. A predictive approach that uses threat intelligence is absolutely crucial for gaining full visibility into the attack surface and quickly detecting the most pertinent network threats.

Organizations need to ensure they’re keeping up with the latest security trends to know how to effectively defend their environment. The MOVEit file transfer vulnerability is a topic LogRhythm will be addressing in our Security Spotlight Series to keep more organizations safe.
• Kev Eley, VP Sales UK & Europe, LogRhythm

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