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SecurityScorecard Streamlines Risk Management Process With Latest Release of Atlas

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

SecurityScorecard announced significant updates to Atlas, the industry’s leading questionnaire and evidence exchange platform. The unique combination of Atlas and SecurityScorecard’s best-in-class Ratings provides organizations with a transformational ability to simultaneously get deeper risk insights faster and to streamline the manual and tedious security questionnaire due diligence process.

Atlas enables enterprises to cut through the “questionnaire noise” by empowering users to send, complete, and auto-validate questionnaires at scale. Using Atlas alongside SecurityScorecard’s Security Ratings platform gives organizations the most comprehensive perspective on their vendors’ cybersecurity risk by combining an objective outside-in rating with vendor-provided evidence.

Machine Learning: Atlas’ Smart Mapping Engine™ uses machine learning and natural language processing to alleviate the tedious questionnaire cycle. This is done by building a questionnaire repository for each enterprise and automatically mapping responses from previous questionnaires to new ones, eliminating the need to manually respond every time.

Collaboration Tools: New collaboration tools make it easier for organizations to invite collaborators via email or a secure link, ask questions, live chat directly within Atlas, and review received questionnaires and evidence easily. Customization: Creating custom questionnaires is easier than ever with the added ability to assign customized questionnaire scoring to define how much each question is weighted. Customers can also whitelabel Atlas with their branding, making it their organization’s trusted portal for vendors.

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