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Scaleway releases final version of Kubernetes Kapsule

March 2020 by Marc Jacob

Scaleway announced the general availability of Kubernetes Kapsule, its containerized application orchestration solution based on the Kubernetes platform and certified by the CNCF2. Scaleway thus continues to enrich its public cloud ecosystem towards PaaS, with essential and high-performance solutions to foster both innovation and production releases of critical applications.

After several months of public beta and invaluable cooperation from testers, Scaleway offers a final version of Kubernetes3 Kapsule which meets all the needs that users keen on new development methods may have. Fully managed, Kubernetes Kapsule includes one of the widest choice of instances on the market, ranging from Dev instances at €7.99 /month up to very high-end Render-S GPU instances, thus allowing users to get started with a cost-effective few-nodes cluster but also to deploy a cluster of up to 500 nodes for artificial intelligence projects (e.g. distributed machine learning).

Deployed and ready to use in a few minutes, Kubernetes Kapsule is designed for high availability and has a 99.95% Control Plane SLA. Indeed, for each cluster, Kaspule’s Control Plane is duplicated to ensure that a replacement control plane remains available at any time, ensuring platform continuity. "Scaleway’s market approach has been to avoid rushing things and instead explore Kubernetes’ potential along with the community, to provide users with the widest choice of options for real-world projects. Kubernetes isn’t just your typical software deployment on instances," said Arnaud de Bermingham, President of Scaleway.

Among many notable and expected features, Kapsule Kubernetes offers node auto-scaling allowing automatic sizing of the number of nodes. Following this optimization logic, Kubernetes Kapsule also brings ease to many processes. For instance, Kapsule clusters benefit from an auto-healing feature where the cluster automatically recovers and returns to its initial state; cluster access renewal operations such as access invalidation are simplified. Other available options include Nginx and Traefik as Ingress controller4, as well as four different Container Network Interfaces (CNIs).

Kapsule also benefits from the entire public cloud ecosystem, Scaleway Elements. Kapsule is thus extendible to Block Storage and Load Balancer, as well as to Container Registry, specially designed to facilitate the storage, management and deployment of container images.

Coupled with state-of-the-art integration in full compliance with CNCF standards, Kubernetes Kapsule inherently avoids the "vendor lock-in" pitfall and perfectly fits the design of hybrid and multi-cloud applications and infrastructures. Finally, Scaleway has chosen to keep the Control Plane free of charge only to bill the resources (compute, storage, network...) allocated to the deployed cluster, resulting in one of the most attractive offers on the market.

Already in Scaleway’s Paris Datacenters, Kapsule Kubernetes will also be available in Amsterdam.

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