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Nearly 70% of French citizens don’t trust public authorities with personal data

January 2021 by Reboot Online

In a world driven by technology, our online personal data and how it is used is of huge concern for many of us. From the local government to police, public authorities’ databases hold a significant amount of our personal information, but do we really trust them with this data?

European citizens who least trust public authorities with their personal data Rank European Country Percentage (%)
1. Spain 78%
2. Ireland 73%
3. Belgium 68%
3. France 68%
3. United Kingdom 68%
4. Bulgaria 67%
5. Luxembourg 66%
6. Greece 65%
7. Portugal 64%
8. Malta 63%
8. Italy 63%
8. Croatia 63%
9. Latvia 60%
9. Romania 60%
10. Netherlands 59%
10. Cyprus 59%
10. Lithuania 59%
10. Poland 59%
11. Czech Republic 53%
12. Slovenia 52%
13. Denmark 50%
14. Germany 48%
15. Slovakia 46%
16. Austria 45%
17. Sweden 44%
17. Hungary 44%
18. Estonia 40%
19. Finland 29%

Interested in information privacy, Reboot Online analysed the latest data from the European Commission to discover which European citizens trust the public authorities in their country with personal data the least.
Reboot Online found that citizens in Spain (78%) trust the public authorities with their personal data the least.
In second position is Ireland, where 73% of people are skeptical about how public authorities in the country handle their personal data. Belgium, France and the United Kingdom are in joint third place as 68% of citizens in each country lack confidence in the public authorities’ ability to oversee their personal data in a secure and diligent manner. In fourth spot is Bulgaria, where 67% of citizens do not have full faith in the management of their personal data by public authorities.

Luxembourg (66%) and Greece (65%) are among the other European countries where the majority of citizens mistrust the way public authorities keep and utilise their personal data, respectively ranking fifth and sixth. On the other end in 19th place, it seems individuals in Finland are most assured by public authorities’ supervision of their personal data, with only 29% of Finns questioning the security of their personal data with public authorities. Just above Finland is Estonia in 18th position, where 2 in 5 citizens are not entirely convinced if public authorities in the country are competently looking after their personal data.

Interestingly, on average from all the assessed countries, 61% of Europeans don’t trust public authorities with their personal data.

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