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Matrix Network video recoders is launched

December 2022 by Marc Jacob

Video surveillance systems generate a large amount of data, which needs to be stored for future reference and analysis. This data storage can take up a significant amount of space, particularly if the surveillance system is recording high-definition video or has a large number of cameras. As a result, the cost of storing this data can add up quickly owing to higher bandwidth and other resources.

Matrix Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are loaded with features like H.265 compression that help in saving up to 50% on storage space. With ultra HD (4K) decoding, you never have to compromise on a high-resolution picture quality too.

The Adaptive Recording feature in Matrix NVRs helps in saving upto 30% on storage space, by recording on a lower frame rate during periods of no activity. When motion or activity is detected, the NVR starts recording at a higher frame rate so you never miss out on important information.

With the help of Matrix NVRs you can specify the number of recording retention and back up days for each and every camera. This allows you to balance the amount of storage space used by the surveillance system. You can choose a higher number of days to retain the recording for more important locations like ATMS and lesser number of days for locations that do not require a severe vigilance.

The Push-Technology in Matrix NVRs seamlessly connects the IP cameras. The NVR automatically searches for IP cameras in a specified network, which makes the process of configuring cameras easier than ever. Instead of having to manually configure each camera and assign it an IP address, the NVR can handle these tasks automatically, allowing you to get your system up and running more quickly and easily.

Video surveillance systems typically generate a large amount of data, and if this data is not properly protected, it can be lost or become inaccessible due to hardware failures, software bugs, power outages, or other issues. Matrix NVRs coming with RAID support offer redundancy in video storage which ensures that you never miss out on video footage even in critical situations.

The unique cascading feature in Matrix NVRs enables the simultaneous local and remote monitoring of offices in several locations, without a server, thereby saving costs. The cascading feature allows you to connect upto 20 NVRs and 1000+ cameras in a Master and Slave configuration, thereby making the system scalable and flexible.

All in all, Matrix NVRs also have cutting-edge technologies that can identify threats and immediately notify users for real-time security.

• Allows Cascading of upto 20 Devices Eliminating Server Cost
• Saves up to 30% on storage space with Adaptive Recording
• Easy Integration through Camera Initiation (Matrix IPCs), Brand Models and ONVIF
• Higher Throughput of 512/360 Mbps
• Ultra HD (4K) Decoding and Smooth Streaming
• 12 MP Resolution Recording Capacity

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