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LCC International University in Lithuania is the First University-Bootcamp Partnership with Cybint for Cybersecurity Program in Europe

September 2021 by Marc Jacob

Worldwide economics and business transformation trends are heading in the same direction — digitalization. Although this opens new opportunities for businesses and individuals, it comes with a set of new threats that need to be tackled. In turn, the demand for cyber security specialists is growing rapidly across the globe. So far, in the job market, there is a lack of almost 300,000 specialists across Europe and about 3 M worldwide. In regards to this market gap, a new cybersecurity program is being launched to satisfy the increased demand.

Dr. Jeff Teo, a cyber security professor at LCC International University, explains why the attention to cybersecurity is rapidly increasing: “At the beginning of the development of the Internet, security was not a priority. At that time, the most important thing was to connect everyone to one network. Seeing how fast the Internet evolved, how quickly things became more connected, the need for better system security was more pronounced.”

Reacting to the global trends and job market demands, LCC International University which gathers students from 57 countries decided to join forces together with the global cybersecurity education company Cybint Solutions. Together they have introduced an accelerated cybersecurity training program, which will equip future specialists with the right tools and knowledge to combat online threats.

Cybint Solutions, a company focused on cybersecurity education and upskilling the workforce worldwide, will provide enrolled students with all of the necessary training material. “Cybint Solutions has the most innovative and advanced cyber security training platform, which we are using to train future professionals. The training platform is very similar to a simulator. We are using virtual machines, use a variety of scenarios, theories, and concepts,” – said Dr. Jeff Teo.
The program itself takes either three months studying full-time or six months studying part-time. In both cases, students will get the same know-how. The curriculum includes the development of both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity. Program is useful not only for gaining necessary skills and entering the job market but also to those who want to renew their skill base and qualifications.

"We aim to fill the cybersecurity workforce around the world, and the partnership with LCC International University is expected to contribute to this significantly," said Roy Zur, founder, and CEO of Cybint Solutions.
In addition to the leading partner, other well-known information technology business leaders are joining this program to support future cyber specialists. Among them – Blue Bridge, one of the largest groups of IT companies in Lithuania; Compliance platform Ondato; Marketing Analytics and Social Media Reporting company Whatagraph; online privacy and security provider Nord Security and city development agency Klaipeda ID. Blue Bridge, Ondato, Nord Security also established scholarships for the students.

The digitalization adoption is gaining rapid momentum with the support of such initiatives as the EU’s digital strategy that aims to streamline the transformation for both businesses and professionals. It is clear that cybersecurity will follow suit as a priority for every business. It is estimated that cybersecurity as a market will likely grow by at least 50% in the next five years.

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