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GlobalPlatform Supports SESIP Methodology for IoT Device Security Certification

April 2020 by Marc Jacob

GlobalPlatform announces it will help device makers and certification bodies adopt the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology. This work will bring consistency and trust to the IoT device security certification process, reducing complexity, costs and time to market for IoT stakeholders.

An estimated 75.44 billion IoT products will be in the marketplace by 2025. These products are made up of multiple components, which are developed by multiple players, many of which are new to security. SESIP addresses the scale and complexity of the IoT ecosystem with an optimized approach to security evaluation that is designed specifically for the IoT platforms and platform parts on which these products are based.

With extensive experience in establishing and managing security certification schemes, GlobalPlatform will support certification bodies in setting up certification schemes based on the SESIP methodology and align them with laboratories to drive consistency in product evaluations and certifications across the IoT ecosystem. Device makers can work with GlobalPlatform to enhance the security of their devices and ensure readiness to achieve certification in line with any schemes using SESIP.

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