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Dr Oren Eytan and David Geva, ODI : « O-DIX » your files to be sure of their health…

August 2015 by Marc Jacob

ODI is a young Israeli company located in Rosh Ha’ayn near Tel Aviv specialized in the protection of incoming files. It encounters a real success in Israel which will view to these two founders Dr. Eytan Oren and David Geva an international expansion. For Dr. Eytan Oren and David Geva securing incoming files becomes a must, they even created a new word « TO ODIXE » meaning " neutralize the threat in a file without altering the content and especially being able to immediately use it without a quarantine system". They want this « word » to be translated tomorrow in everyday language ...

David Geva et Oren Eytan

GS Mag : Can you present us your company?

Dr Oren Eytan & David Geva : We created ODI for Operation and Data Integrity, three years ago. We are now 20 people. We offer a protection solution for all organizations files. The company provided a kind of " filter to freeze" malware contained in Word, Excel, PPT, image, audio files...

GS Mag : How does your product work?

Dr Oren Eytan & David Geva : We called our ODI -X solution. We created the term " To O- Dixe " which means " to neutralize the threat in a file without altering the content and especially being able to immediately use it without a quarantine system. " ODI-X check all incoming files without using an analysis based signature. In fact, we use an algorithm that neutralizes proactively contained malwares while using the file. ODI -X is modular and within few weeks is able to adjust to new file formats such as AutoCAD.
Our solution is easy to deploy. A full installation takes a few weeks for a large account. Depending of course on the perimeter to protect. We offer protection from USB ports to the messaging. The solution can operate without an agent. In addition, it is possible to protect :
• mails using an Appliance,
• virtual safes through a partnership with Cyber Ark,
• file shares,
• Cloud,
• Upload and Download via Web.
The solution can run on demand with an agent.

GS Mag : Do you already have customers ?

Dr Oren Eytan & David Geva : We have several references in Israel and we are targeting the US and European market. We have pilots in France. Some customers want to integrate it as a kind of firewall for files. ODI -X can be used as forensic tool giving all the information about malicious files.

GS Mag : What is your strategy for the coming year ?

Dr Oren Eytan & David Geva : We are currently looking for investors to be able to begin our international expansion. We have, as customers in Israel, almost all insurance companies, several government entities such as the Ministry of Health, but also in the field of energy , banking ...
We want to conquer the French market. We believe we have the right solution for big accounts. We are looking for retailers and integrators in France.

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