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Reut Rahimi and Raviv Raz, Hybrid Security: Detecting new threats with behavioral analysis and machine learning technologies.

August 2015 by Marc Jacob

Hybrid Security was established in in 2011 and is located in Tel Aviv. It designed a web fraud solution targeted to banks, retailers, and Telecom providers that use big data technologies. The solution, Telepath, analyzes the user’s behaviors on the web, and issues alerts based user scores and malicious activity ratings.
For Reut Rahimi, International Sales Director and Raviv Raz, CEO of Hybrid Security, it is time to change the regular conventions. Instead of using static rules to detect malware, Telepath studies the user’s behaviors so it can detect the changing threats and new modes of attacks.

GS Mag: Could you present your company?

Reut Rahimi & Raviv Raz: The company was established in 2011, it was a Mayan Ventures incubator company in the first 3 years and now it is situated in Tel Aviv. The product had been under development for the last 4 years, it is close to be generally available, but we are looking for worthy Beta testers/ Design partners at this point. By using behavior analysis and machine learning, the solution looks for fraud in HTTP/S traffic and identifies suspicious behavior, in real time. Alerts, forensic investigation, and/or actions can be carried out in accordance with security policy.

GS Mag: How does your solution work?

Reut Rahimi & Raviv Raz: Our solution uses inherent techniques in big data for predictive analysis. It is located on switches, proxies… we are positioned between the WAF and the Web servers of our clients. The solution works on all platforms, smartphones, tablets, and/ or PC’s. Telepath, the product, process all the HTTP/S traffic of the organization weather it is a client or an employee, and issues a user score depending on the malicious behavior. If a suspicious action is identified the organization can block the action or contact the customer using OTP on their mobile… in order to verify the transaction is valid.
Telepath provides predictive alerts, and can challenge suspicious users. It offers a forensic platform based on Big Data. This platform suggests correlated alerts, alerts that have similar MOs, and/or attackers, etc., in order to identify associated attacks. In addition, we will soon create a cloud that would share new campaigns of attacks, with willing customers, in order to leverage the wisdom of the crowds and stop attacks before they even begin.

GS Mag: Do you have users already?

Reut Rahimi & Raviv Raz: We have some customers in Israel, we work with the government, Bezeq- the biggest Israeli telecom provider, the national academic network that is connected between Israeli and European universities. And now we are starting to expand to Europe and the US.

GS Mag: what is your message to our readers?

Reut Rahimi & Raviv Raz: For the past 25 years information security has been based on the use of static rules to detect malware. We are looking to change this perception and relay on machine learning and user behavior analysis in order to keep up with the constantly changing threats and environments.

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