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Danny O’Neill CISM, Bitdefender : The Organisations should also invest in Human factor

July 2022 by Marc Jacob Valentin Jangwa, Global Security Mag

At Infosecurity London, Bitdefender presented its XDR security solution for Network, e-mails, endpoints, identities, and all the Information System for the Organisations.
Danny O’Neill CISM, Director Global MDR Operations at Bitdefender, advises Organisations to also invest in the Human factor.

Global Security Mag : How was Infosecurity London 2022 ?

Danny O’Neill: All in all, and despite the issues with the strike, there is a pretty good audience and we are happy with that.
We can see that Cybersecurity is key topic for all kind of Organisations.

Global Security Mag : What do you think about the UK Cybersecurity market and globally ?

Danny O’Neill: The Cybersecurity market is very dynamic.
The US market is quite like the U.K. one.
The scandinavian countries and the Netherlands can be handled the same way.
But for countries as France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, we need more to work with partners to keep on growing. The Services and the products are the same, but from one country to another, we have to deal with different cultures, languages, when it comes to Cybersecurity strategies. For example, in Germany, the compliance is vital.
The English market has been quite mature in terms of Managed Detection Response. We have to be more proactive. There are also differences between the Public Sector and the Private Sector.
The Public Sector often use computers with outdated operating systems and there is a need of training and expertise.

Global Security Mag: What solutions did you present or show here?

Danny O’Neill: We focused on XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solution, with security for Network, e-mails, endpoints, Applications for productivity, Identities, and all the customer’s IT Infrastructure. With a unique single pane of glass, GravityZone XDR does analysis, correlation, automatic prioritization of security events, which is an asset for complex Organisations.

Global Security Mag : What are the strong points, the key differentiators?

Danny O’Neill: The technology is very strong and good. Our solutions are tested by third parties in a regular basis.
The fact that We have all the different components under one roof. SOC / Threat Intelligence Team / Cyberthreats Team / Infrastructure Engineering Team / an integrated platform with a single pane of glass unique console from which the customer can enable in real-time, different reports on security incidents detected from the IT Infrastructure.
GravityZone XDR also provides automatic detection and alerts deployed both locally with sensors, and in the Cloud.
The expertise is key when you want to be proactive, looking at behaviors and suspicious activity, not relying only on the technology.
We deliver a Managed Security Services based on Data sources and Network activity, not just on the endpoints, looking at the entire security ecosystem of the Organisation.
The constant monitoring gives more holistic view of the environment
As we manage the Service, we can notify the customer within 30 minutes about what we found based on analysis.
Our technical experts are available helping our partners and customers for deployment.

Global Security Mag : What are your key messages to our readers ?

Danny O’Neill: The important thing in modern security is to be proactive.
The security Team should be integrated in the Organisation’s strategy.
You have to be Investing in people.
You need skills and expertise.
So the human factor and the speed of answers to the incidents are important.

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